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By 2028, there will be more than
3 million jobs left unfilled
in the skilled trades industry

By inspiring younger generations with a tech-forward approach through virtual reality technology, Industry Lift creates immersive experiences that open the mind and inspire the heart to consider career possibilities within the trades

Reignite Passion

Through education and the latest technologies, our goal is to reignite interest in the skilled trades industry.

Lift the Industry

We work together with our partners in the industry to help fill the millions of jobs that will be left open as older generations retire.

Empower Future Generations

We want to inspire younger generations to consider careers within the skilled trades.

Here's How We Do It

Check out the tools we’re utilizing to fill the job gaps. 

VR Games

Considering a career in the skilled trades? Check out our games and experiences using your VR headset to see where your skills are!



Find your future!
In this immersive experience, you can virtually view career openings in the field you're interested in!

Coming soon

VR Museums

In the same way that VR gaming brings an immersive experience to an otherwise one dimensional learning experience, VR Museums bring life to education and connection.


Interested in Partnering?

Our goal is to work with every sector within the Skilled Trades Industry to bring knowledge and education to younger generations on career possibilities within the trades.

Partnering with us comes in the form of a sponsorship – which can include:

Our Partners in the Industry

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More than 3 million skilled trades jobs will remain unfilled by 2025, leaving a huge gap in the skilled trades field. 

Industry Lift is a Public Benefit Corporation focused on investing and growing the Skilled Trades Industry by using virtual technology to engage and encourage today’s youth to pursue a career within the skilled trades.

Industry Lift provides realistic and engaging games via today’s latest virtual reality technology – allowing young people to immersively experience specific careers without having to actually be on site.

Industry Lift’s goal is to help fill the approaching skilled trades career gap by using realistic and immersive virtual reality technology to encourage students and young people to consider a career in the skilled trades.

Industry Lift is passionate about serving anyone and everyone in the Skilled Trades Industry! The way we partner with individuals and organizations is through our Sponsorship packages. Packages can be custom fit to your needs, so we’re here to serve you regardless of how big or small your organization. Let us know what you’re interested in and we’ll work with you to create a custom package for you! Below is a list of options to choose from. 

  • Your own custom VR game/experience
  • A Virtual Museum/Exhibition 
  • Testimonials
  • And more! 

Click here to partner with us! We look forward to LIFTing the Industry with you!

You can view and play our VR games here. We work to create VR experiences that give a realistic view of that particular career with the hopes that it will inspire our youth to look into the skilled trades industry. Stay tuned as we make our VR games available to play for free in VR game stores.