Industry Lift - Virtual Reality

Why We Do It

Bill Issler IndustryLift President

Our founder and President, Bill Issler, worked in the structural steel industry for over 40 years. He developed FabSuite, a comprehensive suite of information management tools that became a standard resource for the steel fabrication industry. And in 2018, Bill sold FabSuite to Trimble, an international technology corporation and that software was rebranded as Tekla PowerFab.

While Bill is technically retired, he recognized early on that there is an increasing need for newly trained workers in skilled trade industries, and so he founded IndustryLift in 2018. As a member of the Skilled Trades Coalition (STC), IndustryLift partners with trade associations to help young people become aware of fulfilling career opportunities through the use of immersive technology.

Our goal at IndustryLift is to fill the job gaps by educating and exciting younger generations on career possibilities within skilled trades. We operate on the idea that you leave something better than you found it. Thus, we work with the individual, the companies, and the associations bringing them together in a beautiful working relationship.

Here’s to lifting the industry to new heights!