Industry Lift - Virtual Reality


Our goal is to work with every sector within the Skilled Trades Industry to bring knowledge and education to the younger generations on career possibilities within the trades. We work on a sponsorship basis and have a few package offerings that fit into the goals of that particular sector. Contact us directly to discuss what sponsorship opportunities best fit your needs.

Our package opportunities include:

Using VR games and experiences has really become the connecting piece in the education world. Currently we have had several VR games of our own built and plan to build quite a bit more. VR Games such as Crane Operation, Forklift Operation, Bolted Connection, etc… VR Games give an immersive experience that you would otherwise just read about. It’s no secret that hands on learning reaches immensely more and can bring about more interest in any field of work.

Visit our VR Games page to see what games and experiences we have built thus far and to get you thinking on what game you would design and have built.

In the same way that VR gaming brings an immersive experience to an otherwise one dimensional learning experience, VR Exhibitions fill the gaps in communication. Built by our own team, VR Exhibits allows all generations to gather together virtually. The younger generations join to learn about career opportunities, growth within that industry and success stories. Businesses and organizations join to share job opportunities, grow their teams and build a culture that lays the foundation for building up the future.

As a sponsor we would work with you to set up and design your own VR exhibition that brings an immersive experience to your business or organization. You would have options such as look and feel, the number of booths, information to include, added avatars, etc… Rather than cancel your live exhibition due to restrictions, consider working with us and moving it online!

Check out our VR Exhibition page to start thinking about what you and your company or organization would like to include to build up your team, industry, and culture.

Industry Stories, or testimonials, inspire all generations from any walk of life. Whether that inspiration is to look into a career option or to grow within your current career. Hearing the experiences of others and how they got where they are is a great way to fill in the career gaps. We at IndustryLift are working to build up a database full of Industry Stories to encourage and grow the Skilled Trades Industry.

As a sponsor of IndustryLift we would work with your team to determine what stories you should tell and to help facilitate the interview process. Your stories can be included in a VR Exhibition, used on your website and/or social media platforms.

Visit our Testimonials page to hear the stories of those from the Skilled Trades industry at any walk of life. We hope to include your stories there as well!

Contact us and let’s start the discussion on your Sponsorship package. We look forward to working with you and your organization to lift the industry to new heights!