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Carolina Health Systems

This is a 250,000-square-foot hospital expansion facility utilized the latest in global model concepts in a cloud-based solution. Once again virtualizing a federated model in a cloud-based solution cut approval times to 1/3 over the historical and commonly utilized processes. Approval of the connection designs, for example, takes place in a 3D model-based environment, real-time, in lieu of sifting through several thousand detail drawings and sketches one at time. Markups, comments, design sketches, Revit Architectural, and Structural Models, etc., all reside in the 3D manufacturing model maintains and accurate unambiguous audit trail and helps the approving authorities to substantially accelerate the approval process.

Smart Data tools also provided the approving authorities, detailer and fabricator assurance that product types, such Hilti epoxy anchors and deformed bar, are properly deployed throughout the project. On a shear wall project, with over 40 tons of embedded structural connections components and all miscellaneous steel, this was critically important.

Location Charlotte, NC
Size 250,000 sq ft
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