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Jerry Richardson Indoor Stadium

This is a 123,000-square-foot arena facility that includes a 3,400-seat basketball arena and a500-seat volleyball competition venue.

New innovative technologies became the focus on this project as the architectural and structural Revit models — along with product models from precast and joist — became the primary or governing tools to develop the manufacturing/detailing model. It will also showcase how model collaboration and cloud-based methods were used to accelerate a portion of the design and the approval cycles.

Virtualizing a federated model in a cloud-based solution cut approval times to 1/3 over the historical and commonly utilized processes. Approval of the connection designs, for example, takes place in a 3D model-based environment, real-time, in lieu of sifting through several thousand of 2D detail drawings and sketches one at time. Markups, comments, design sketches, Revit Architectural, and Structural Models, etc., all reside in the 3D manufacturing model maintains with an accurate unambiguous audit trail that helps the approving authorities to substantially accelerate the review and approval process.

Location Spartanburg, South Carolina
Size 123,000 sq ft
Completed September 20, 2017
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